Jerry J. Farber


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



Hunting with Kubusi Safaris

A hunt with Kubusi Safaris can be tailored to suit your desired species and duration of hunt. Some of Africa’s best variety of premier plains game can be found in the Eastern Cape where Kubusi Safaris has headquartered their operation.


Huge tracts of land are home to many different species including the stately sable, the magnificent cork-screwed Kudu, impressive Impala, beautifully ugly Warthogs, the diminutive Bushbuck, twisted horn Eland, and Springbok (in a full array of colours including white, black and multi-coloured).


Also roaming freely are herds of Red Hartebeest and Blesbok, Waterbuck (with their distinctive white-circled butts), Zebra, Blue and Black Wildebeest, and the straight-horned Gemsbok. The miniature antelope are also found in this region including the Mountain Reedbuck, Steenbok, Duikers and Klipspringer.


For those ready for the ultimate hunting thrill, then the BIG 5 await you at Kubusi Safaris in Zimbabwe. These hunts are generally of longer durations and can include Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino, and the nasty Cape Buffalo. Giraffes can also be hunted in Zimbabwe.


The decision is all yours. Just research the animals you are interested in and decide what you want to hunt, then leave it to us to put your dream hunt together.


Your hunt begins when your PH picks you up at the airport.   You are transferred by truck to your hunting destination.  The following morning you start your hunt of a lifetime.  


 Kubusi Safaris offers hunts with rifle, muzzle loader or archery. Separate concessions exist for each type of hunt. The blinds are well set up for archers or you can stalk (the PH’s are serious about removing your boots for the final approach). The rifle hunters also walk and stalk as shooting from the truck is not allowed.


Kubusi Safaris truly stand by their motto “the spirit of fair chase”. When you harvest an animal with Kubusi you feel you’ve earned it. It’s not just a shooting gallery at the local fair – you’ve worked for it – you leave with a sense of accomplishment.


Your animal is promptly set up for photos then expertly field dressed and caped-out. The carcass is prepared for market/consumption depending on the circumstances. I was relieved to know that nothing is wasted, after all food is the main reason man started hunting so many thousands of years ago.


Before I booked with Kubusi Safaris I consulted with previous clients and found what they said to be perfectly true. The people, the food, and the experience is second to none…….Why would I want to hunt anywhere else?