Jerry J. Farber


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



Hunting with Lawson Creek Outfitters


Hunting with us at Lawson Creek is not just a hunt but a life experience. Our clients marvel at our friendly atmosphere, hospitality, and food quality.

The key to a successful hunt starts with the planning. We take pride in making sure our clients are ready for the adventure that awaits them.  We talk to our clients about all aspects ranging from what to bring to stay warm to ensuring they have travel arrangements made well in advance.


Once you are here we like to take some time to get you settled in, then for those rifle hunters we have a range to check your rifles for accuracy (it seems most baggage handlers are not hunters nor care about hunters). If time permits then we will preview your stand for Monday morning – the return clients know exactly where they want to go and the way to get there of course.


More stories and fellowship are shared as we dine on a world-class supper so succulently prepared for you by our outstanding chef. Breakfast is early and lunch is provided for those (most are) ardent, hardy hunters remaining on their stand dawn to dusk. Radios are provided but with today’s technology most hunters carry their cell phones so they can notify us when they have harvested a trophy buck or perhaps just too cold to stay out all day. There are few stands that we cannot reach in 30 minutes or less.


Once there we will clean up your animal and snap some photos you can treasure for a lifetime.  Those that tag out are on easy street for the rest of the week, some choose to photo hunt other stands, some like to enjoy the scenery and take in the local sights (every trip should include a visit to Phil the trapper), others decide to head home early which we can assist you with.


We are proud to say that our clients leave with many fine memories and a vow to return. Not just to hunt but to visit their new friends-for-life.