Jerry J. Farber


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


2014 in Review Lawson Creek Outfitters

Well, another hunting season has come and gone!!!!     As Mike Plume said in song “time doesn’t walk it runs”!!!!!      A more true adage has not been wrote!!!!     The older you get the faster time seems to run !!!      2014, hunting-wise, was a continuation of the rebuilding mode we have been in for the last several […]

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Macabi March 2011

Our love for the pristine torqouise flats was definitely rekindled on our most recent trip to Ascension Bay!!!!!     MY new sales rep and consultant, Bryan Adolphe, and I spent 7 days in fishing paradise in April……..not only was the weather spectacular, the fishing was as well !!!!.   It should be noted that although primarily a […]

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July 2011 Update

The days are long BUT the years are short!!!!!!…….and so another year has passed swiftly by as spring has finally arrived.  The year 2010 was challenging to say the least (in more ways than one) The weather was the most bizarre I or even my father has seen, and John is 83. Record rainfalls thru […]

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A Message from the Owner

  My name is Jerry J.Farber, the middle ‘J’ is for my father John and our son Jon – our daughter Jenna should also be included. My family has a long tradition when it comes to hunting and fishing.   I am a certified professional hunting guide, having obtained my certificate in the province of […]

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