Jerry J. Farber


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



Fishing with Captain Victor Barerra


The magnificently clear waters of Ascension Bay, Mexico offer some of the best variety flats fishing, in arguably the world. Those that have experienced its beauty are drawn back time and time again. I am no exception.


Remotely situated at the end of the road is the sleepy little fishing village known as Punta Allen. This is the home of Captain Victor Barerra and his guiding business aptly named Macabimarch (macabi is Spanish for bonefish).


Punta Allen can be reached by renting a vehicle, or some fisherman prefer to hire a transfer which is a care-free approach to this venture. I recommend the transfers as the drivers know where/when to buy gas and where to stop for your other needs be it snacks, drinks or alcoholic beverages.


We can arrange the transfers to pick up your group at the airport and most often drive direct to Punta Allen (depending on your flight time a layover may be necessary).


Once you’ve reached Punta Allen you will be left in the capable hands of Captain Barrera’s crew. These are proud, skilled individuals that care about their jobs and your well being. The accommodations are very clean and attractive, with the interior finished completely in tile.


The food is delicious and plentiful. Those that enjoy seafood will be most impressed with the table fare. The lobster salad is absolutely decadent! Breakfast is simple, lunch is served on the boat and dinner is served in the comforts of your beach house.


Your punctual guide picks you up in the morning and you are off on your fishing adventure! On a 6-day fishing trip you have enough time to target most/all your favourite flats fish. The Bonefish are bountiful and found relatively close to the community, this is a significant factor as it gives you a place to fish even if it is too windy to cross the bay.


There can be Permit caught in these same areas. The Permit is a sleek fighting machine that puts up a battle you will never forget. My wrists and forearms still ache when I reminisce of my 55 minute epic battle with this formidable foe.


Across the bay live the Baby Tarpon, as well as other catchable species.    Barracuda hit your offering like a bullet and run as if shot from a cannon. A lazy afternoon can be spent anchored and casting for Snappers (Mutton, Yellowtail, and Mangrove). They are willing participants and offer superb table fare.


Captain Barrera is equally suited to host spincast fisherman, as well as fly fishing enthusiasts. An ardent spincaster can land as many fish as an experienced fly fisherman. I know this as I proved it.


At times the high winds are easier to deal with when you can knife your jig into the relentless force. However, I fly fish as well and agree with the purist’s opinion on the thrill of fighting these mighty ocean-dwellers with a fly rod. Very exciting!


I have been fortunate to fish the waters of Belize, Cuba, the Bahamas, and of course, Mexico. All my trips have been wonderful experiences but with Victor I believe I’ve found my flats fishing home…….I ask you what better place is there than HOME?